A Humble Beginning

onscxreen presidentI know, I know. That picture makes me look as batty as the Archbishop of Canterbury. I mean as batty as he looks, not that he really is batty, so far as I know, any more than I am. At a certain age, you just start to look that way if you sort of bug your eyes out, which I happened to be doing when Photo Booth snapped me. The picture must be a little scary too. When I had it at the top of the OnScreen Science home page, for about two days, nearly every visitor left the site immediately upon landing there. But the other snapshots in the series made me look like Steve Wozniak. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, except I don’t look like him. I am a physicist, a developer and marketer of science education software, and a Little League coach, or have been all of those recently. I’m also a husband, grandad, and son; and the parent of two teenagers, as well as a grown daughter. I’m shooting for one entry a week. We’ll see how it goes.

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