About the On-Screen Scientist

onscxreen presidentI am a PhD physicist (space plasma physics and technology for the longest time), a developer and marketer of iPhone/iPad apps and science education software (click on the links to the right to see some), and a Little League coach, or have been all of those recently. I’m also a husband, grandad, and son; and the parent of two teenagers and of a grown daughter.

App development has been taking up most of my time lately, so the gap between blog posts has been pretty embarrassing; and what posts I have made in the past year have been mainly about the apps. Most of my other posts are long by blogging standards; but, since they seldom deal with current events, there’s not much of a shelf-life problem. If you’re just passing through, read a sample and come back later (bookmark, subscribe) should something capture your interest. You might want to check out the posts called “Best Of” in the links to the right first.

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